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Calculator Features


Paper Roll Feature
Calculator with Paper Roll want to help you in complex and long Math Calc with "Paper Roll" feature that store in memory, all of the operations you do.

Multi Store Feature
Multi Store feature allows you to Store (STO Button) multiply value with a value Name the can helps to recognize and recall for your future use (RCL Button) desired value.

Multi Language Feature
Calculator with Paper Roll supports localization for the following languages:
English, French (Thank to Mr Anonyme), Italian

Print Paper Roll Feature
You can easily print all operations you made in "Operations List" and "Stored Operands" by Print Paper Roll feature.

Arithmetic Expression Feature
Calculator with Paper Roll supports expression with parentheses. Conversions

You can set a conversion value to easily convert from one to another value or change from one notation to another.

Open & Save File dialogs
Now you can easily load and save your paper roll with any name you want..

You can chose from a set of new background color to personalize Calculator with Paper Roll. or chose a new font for Operation List and Print.


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